Blanket With bar  
Size : 920 x 625 x 1.70 mm / 36.50 x 25 Inches
Cow Offers the ever reliable and versatile 'Cow' brand rubber blankets available in green colour, with the required compressibility, and perfect surface finish which gives good ink transfer, dense solids and crisp half tone prints, with a total thickness of 1.95 mm. Soft surface layer is especially suited for a variety of papers and boards. Thick micro share compressible layer provides good smash resistance and durability. Stabilizing fabric provides high quality and durable use, provides extra robustness. Robust low stretch fabric layer provides for the high stretch resistance. Thick compressible layer gives good smash recovery and durability.

Features Benefits

Micro ground surface

Gives excellent sheet release and ink transfer, resulting in controlled dot gain and dense even solids on a variety of papers and boards

High quality stabilising fabric

Provides extra durability and robustness

Thick compressible layer

Ensure excellent recovery from smashes

Dense low stretch fabric

Provides extra stability

Surface :               Cast 1 or micro ground2

Thickness :           1.95mm 1&2, 1.70mm1&2

Hardness :             750 shore A

Compressibility :  0.16mm @ 1060kPa Typical
                              0.23mm @ 2060kPa Typical
Elongation :          <0.70% @ 10N/mm

Tensile Strength : >60N/mm

Face Compound : Solvent resistant rubber

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Cow Blanket WEB KING 920X625

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